WP-Property The Denali theme v2.1
WP-Property The Denali theme v2.1

WP-Property The Denali theme v2.1 | 8,89 MB
The Denali theme is a WordPress theme designed, and guaranteed, to be fully compatible with WordPress 3.0+ and WP-Property.

== Changelog ==
= 2.1 =
* New "Setup Assistant" feature for quick setup, example: http://vimeo.com/26637788
* New navigation menu available at the very bottom of the screen.
* Denali Child theme is now packaged into the main theme and can be installed automatically using the Settings page.
* New widget area (sidebar) now available and is included on all pages that include the [property_overview] shortcode.
* Added the wpp_inquiry_form() function to replace the default comment forum function.
* Upgraded theme to use the new wpp_get_image_link() function for on-the-fly image resizing.
* Added new feature where skins can have thumbnails associated with them.


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