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Great Movies OnlineI love to watch movies on my Netflix streaming service. I also watch television series as well as documentaries. The availability of movies and other streaming media is fabulous. I have enjoyed a variety of movies on Netflix and will share them here as well as review the service. I am happy with the Netflix streaming service primarily because I can watch as many movies and television shows as I want anytime and have no DVD to return. There may be customers who love the DVD service as well, but, I haven't used that service so am not going to provide a review http://www.streamingfilmeronline.com/moviestreaming/12311 about it.
In recent years I have been too busy to watch my favorite television series so I missed several episodes. The nice part about streaming services is I can watch several of the episodes at one time and then the service will remember where I left off and take me right to the next episode. Several times I have stopped in the middle of something and Netflix will remember and start me right where I left off. This makes watching movies and television series a lot more enjoyable.
No commercials may be the most appealing part of the service! You can watch anything you want with no commercials at all. The best part about that is getting to watch a full episode in a shorter amount of time. Even if I only watch now and then, I am saving a ton of time and not getting all of those commercial breaks.
The down side is the seasons released are behind the commercial television schedule. So, that is a problem when you really http://www.streamingfilmeronline.com/moviestreaming/39514 like a series and don't have television. But, that is my choice. I choose to watch everything on Netflix and may be a couple of seasons behind the rest of the world as a result.
Image Credit for the Wwjd II: The Woodcarver Courtesy of Amazon.com (product preview on this page).
Most Recent Movies I've Watched - I will add to these when I watch something worth recommending.Over time as this page keeps growing I decided to make a list of the most recent movies here so later I can come back and showcase them. Sometimes I don't have time right away to update this page so this way you will get the titles as soon as possible.

One For the Money (2012) DVDCHECK PRICE

Whale Rider (Special Edition) (2003) DVDCHECK PRICE

Whale Rider
Great story about the http://www.streamingfilmeronline.com/moviestreaming/8194 challenges of following your heart when tradition tells you it isn't going to happen.

One For The Money
Recommended by a reader here on "Movies I Have Watched..." and I'm so happy I heard about it. Just the right movie for a girl's night. Action movie about a girl who keeps being told she can not do what she is attempting to do.
Top Ten Series and Mini Series I Watched in July and August 2012You can buy these to watch on your DVD playersTelevision Series

This is a DVD of the first season. You can find more seasons as well as a collection if you would prefer to have them all
Drop Dead Diva DVD's
Sliders DVD's
Psych DVD's
Merlin DVD's
How I Met Your Mother DVD's
Scrubs DVD's
Dr Who DVD's
Seventh Heaven DVD's

http://www.streamingfilmeronline.com/moviestreaming/10017 Mini-Series
Tin Man (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
The 10th Kingdom
Top Ten Movies I Watched in July and August 2012You can buy these to watch on your DVD playersThe list for Top Ten Movies 2012 has moved. You will also find Movie Night ideas for Summer 2014 (hope to update yearly).
What The Grand Kids Liked The MostThey often pick the same thing again and again...Matilda
Story Book Titles For Grown Ups - Your favorite story books come to life in unexpected ways...I grew up watching amazing story book movies such as "The Wizard of Oz" and am delighted to see new and wonderful 'grown up' versions of these stories. The following are my favorites in movies, mini-series, and television series versions of classic story books. Hope you enjoy them and please leave a note if you have seen any of the features on this page.
Tin Man (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)One of my all time favorite 'remakes' of The Wizard of Oz' for a new time and a new world. The story isn't actually a remake so much as it is a lesson in the fact that history repeats itself with subtle and not so subtle resemblances.
Buy Now The 10th Kingdom [DVD] [Import]Take another step into the future from the past (the Grimm past) and you will find how our world has mysteriously always been a disconnected part of the land of fairy tales. Not from our perspective but from the perspective of the characters which we have http://www.streamingfilmeronline.com/moviestreaming/28211 been getting to know over the years (centuries) yet, we now get to see how they would receive us (or not) should they have the opportunity to get to know us as well.
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