CreativeMarket - Plumpy Font Brushes 7110
CreativeMarket - Plumpy Font Brushes 7110

CreativeMarket - Plumpy Font Brushes 7110
It is incredible how 26 simple symbols on paper can transmit and preserve the whole wisdom and beauty of a language and consequently a culture. There are infinitesimal combinations and possibilities and the whole is most definitely much greater than the sum of its parts. While meditating on this I was compelled by the changing of the seasons (summer's here, yay!) to create fat and juicy font brushes that will give every photo and piece of paper a fresh, handmade smack on the cheek.
The Plumpy Font Brushes pack contains 98 glyphs - 49 watercolor letters and 49 outlines. Each brush is about ~900px, so they are great for small print projects and all kinds of digital designs.
ABR | 1000 x 500 px | 300 DPI | 27 Mb

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